9.0L Fluorine Free Foam Fire Extinguisher

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9.0L FLUORINE-FREE FOAM Fire Extinguisher Expand

9.0l Fire Extinguisher FLUORINE-FREE FOAM includes the following

1 x 9.0l Fire Extinguisher FOAM
1 x Steel Mounting Bracket
Option available to purchase - PVC maintenance tag punched and applicable signage added to order

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9 Litre FLUORINE-FREE Foam fire extinguisher. This extinguisher contains a concentrate mixed with water and is best suited for the use against fires that involve flammable and combustible liquids.  Both water and foam fire extinguishers are effective by reducing the temperature of the burning fuel so it is below its ignition point. They can also be used for Class A fires which include wood, plastic, textiles, and paper.

Foam fire extinguishers should never be used on fires that involve live electrical equipment. Foam fire extinguishers work by forming a layer over the top of the burning substance which stops the fire by cutting off access to oxygen. 

Certified and approved to the AS/NZS 1841.3 standard

To be compliant for commercial purposes the certification option needs to be selected. This includes a PVC maintenance tag and one year certification.